We are now a part of Harvest Hosts! HH members may park their RV's on our large gravel parking areas right next to our farm animals. Wake up to pond views, deer crossings, and curious alpacas! Weather permitting, there will be a Harvest Hose community fire ring. Firewood and 'paca poo fire starters available for purchase. 

Check out our Fiber Arts Workshops! Visitors may request a workshop with just your campers! All take approximately 30 minutes or less
Please request a workshop with your reservation. All group members must choose the same workshop, unless special arrangements have been made.

Make a Bird Nester!

Using a grapevine ball, create a natural work of art by using alpaca, sheep wool, and short scraps of yarn to make a lovely outdoor decoration. Hang the nester outside and watch the birds happily empty it! They grab the fluff and line their nests with it for warm and cozy babies. All nesters can be refilled for free if you visit here again. Great activity for any ages. $10 per nester made

Weave a Coaster! 

Using wool or cotton sock loops, weave on a potholder loom! Color design can make endless patterns. These are repurposed waste from an American sock company. Enjoy the relaxation of weaving and knowing you are making a ‘green’ product! Good activity for ages 8 and up. $10 per coaster made

Soap Felting!

Using alpaca fiber, wet felt a bar of farm - made soap! The fiber around the soap acts as a naturally antimicrobial washcloth and exfoliator. (It also makes it easy to grab in the showe or for little hands to hold on to!) Good activity for ages 8 and up.  $10 per felted soap

Check back as new options are added!

Outlying Acres Fiber Farm 88 Buck Drive Kintnersville, PA 18930 (267) 221-1497